Wallpaper adhesive (starch)

Wallpaper adhesive (starch)

Wallpaper adhesive (starch)

This multi-purpose adhesive consists of flakes of dry adhesive which can be mixed at different strengths to hang most wallcoverings from lining paper to vinyls and heavy embossed wallpapers.

It can be mixed quickly in just two minutes, and creates a strong bond which has excellent slip for perfect pattern matching.

Fast mix formula.

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Always follow the manufacturers instructions when hanging wall paper.

Remove old wallpaper from the wall or ceiling and ensure the base surface is clean, dry and slightly absorbent. Surfaces may need to be sized, especially absorbent surfaces such as new plaste. Always prepare surfaces with lining paper for the best results, especially important when plaster has visible defects such as cracks or damage.

Measure out the correct volume of water into a bucket (see chart for guidance) and sprinkle sachet contents into the water whilst stirring briskly for 20-30 seconds. Allow to stand for 2 minutes.

Please note the below table is for a 10 roll sachet (180 g of wallpaper adhesive).

Wallpaper type Litres of water per 180 g sachet
Wall size
9approx. 100 m2
Normal wallpapers, lining paper
7 l
approx. 8-10 approx (40-50 m2)
Washable and vinyl wallpaper
6 l
approx. 6 approx (30 m2)
Texture and blown vinyl wallpapers
4,5 l
approx. 4-5 approx (21-26 m2)
Embossed wallpapers
4,5 l
approx. 4-5 approx (21-26 m2)
Heavy embossed wallpapers
4approx. 4 approx (21 m2)

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